The School Equipment Shop (unofficially known as Hanlon's) is where students can purchase all their school essentials at very cheap prices.

Thanks to ever-increasing requests through our Student Parliament, the shop is expanding its range of equipment all the time and is always open to new ideas.

Miss Hanlon-Catlow, along with help from our Junior Leadership Team representatives, Keiran and Jonathan, are open for business from 8.20am to 8.30am every morning under the shelter, or in the dining room if the weather is poor.

Black pens

Green pens 10p
Erasers 10p
Rulers 10p
Pencils 10p
Highlighters - purple, green, yellow, blue, or pink 20p
Clear empty pencil case 20p
Pencil case including black pen, green pen, pencil, ruler and eraser 50p
Small notepad 20p
Six mini colour pencils 20p