We are delighted to announce that this year our Year 11 students will be the first in Aspire’s history to graduate. All Year 11 students are able to take part in the graduation programme that will include a graduation ceremony, complete with cap and gown, performances from our students and a valedictorian speech. In order for your child to graduate they must complete the following 10 Steps to Success:

  1. Have professional photographs taken
    External careers advisors have informed us that your child will be expected to provide a suitable photograph to employers. Social media images are not acceptable and may result in a person’s job application being overlooked (these were completed earlier in the school year).
  2. Careers booklet
    Your child has been provided with a careers booklet that includes support with making college applications, writing CVs and wiring personal statements. They will be provided with class time to complete this and can attend our Graduation Workshops after school on Wednesdays from 3pm-4pm where they can access support with this.
  3. Complete at least two college applications
    It is recommended that your child complete a minimum of two college applications to secure spaces at their desired FE destination/s. In order to support with this, we have arranged an FE and Industry marketplace on 23rd November 2022, where your child will be able to meet with a wide range of providers and employers and find out more about their options.
  4. Meet with Careers Advisor
    Our in-house careers advisor Angela Turner will be in school two days per week where she will meet with your child on a 1:1 basis and provide them with advice and guidance as they begin their preparations to leave Aspire.
  5. Complete mock interview
    Commencing in January, Angela will complete mock interviews with all of our students to prepare them for their upcoming FE interviews.
  6. Two references from teachers
    Your child will need to identify two teachers who they feel know them best. They then need to request references from those teachers to include in their careers folder. These can be used for both FE applications and any job applications your child may wish to make.
  7. Minimum attendance of 95%
    As you know good attendance to school is vital and Year 11 is no exception. As your child prepares for their final exams, every lesson counts as vital revision. With this in mind, in order for your child to graduate they must have an attendance score of at least 95%. Please note that authorised absences including sickness absence will not go against your child.
  8. Exemplary Behaviour
    Here at Aspire we have high standards for our students. Poor behaviour in and around school will not be tolerated and as such students who engage in poor behaviour will not qualify for graduation.
  9. Attend A minimum of 15 Lesson Six Sessions
    Staff at Aspire are dedicated to supporting your child through their final academic year and as such hold revision sessions in their subject specialism weekly. In order for your child to graduate they need to attend at least 15 of these sessions. Attendance will be evidenced on their Passport to Prom cards, where each session counts towards a discount on their prom ticket.
  10. Demonstrate progress
    Finally, the most important aim of this academic year is to ensure that your child makes good progress in all subject areas. In order to graduate they must show progress in all of their subjects. This will be evidenced through data collections, PPE results and teacher feedback.

Upon completion of the Ten Steps to Success your child will receive an invite to Aspire’s first ever graduation ceremony. Loved ones will also be invited to attend and share in the success of our wonderful students.

Please read the Ten Steps to Success with your child and ensure that they understand what is expected of them in order to graduate.

If you have any queries about the Golden Graduation Programme please do not hesitate to contact either Ms Taylor (Director of Personal Development) or Mr Jenkinson (Director of Key Stage 4).